The BioRider at Home Fitness Training DVD

Product Description: Strengthen your muscular foundation for the sport of riding without decreasing your natural seat or feel.  Learn the exercises to gain balance and stability with the core, learn how to do it without limiting yourself.

This video is for riders who want to take the time to develop muscular symmetry for self carriage.

These exercises have been tested and proven to increase one’s muscular sensitivity for riding and strengthen the supportive frame of any rider.

The following are pieces of equipment used in the dvd.

  • Elastic/ Resistance Bands
  • Stability Ball
  • Free Weights or Dumbbells 
  • Body Bar (optional)
  • BOSU Ball (optional)
  • Medicine Ball (optional)
  • Bench or Step
  • Yoga Mat


Price: $34.95 + $4.99 sh/h

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