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More Than Fitness –  Equestrian Sport Training

Every rider knows the intense nature of body control when participating in horse sport. Just as our horses have strengths and weakness, so do our own bodies.  Biorider Fitness addresses those weakness so you can ride better, easier and in a more relax way.

Whether you want to try a series of exercises to strengthen one part of your riding, such as a stable soft seat or give power and stamina to those hunter legs, OR desire a completely customized plan with personal access to a experienced trainer, Biorider Fitness has a program for you.

Download a self-decided series or create the ultimate program with personalized system by one of our trainer/riders.    We have your solution.

Years of Experience

Riding Experience – 25 years
Personal Trainer Certification – 10 years
Rehab Experience – 15 years
Steffen Peters Personal Fitness Coach – 5 years

Our Secret

Being a fitness trainer is one thing, understanding the needs of equestrians is an art form.  Where most trainers believe in the technique of tight and hard to develop a physical look, Biorider understands that physically tight is death to a rider’s ability to perform.

We use the techniques of personal fitness and equestrian riding,  then combine it with innovative ways. The result is a soft supple core strength in the rider.  This is where years riding experience, helping beginners to international riders, kicks in. The result is increased the effectiveness of aids, suppleness in the body of the horse,  diminishes physical weakness,  and superior riding balance. 

Equestrian Sport Training is more than gym training.  It is body programming.


Debbie Kurth

All I can say is WOW!  Never have I experienced such personal attention to my fitness success, working around my past injuries with thoughtful consideration.   My stability in my seat has improved, my endurance keeps increasing and I never felt better. You are the real deal!!

Debbie K.

USC Equestrian Team

We appreciate your continued loyalty and encouragement throughout all of our competitions this year.  With you cheering us on, we were able to receive 10th at Nationals the other week, out of over 400 teams across the nation!

Maggie Donovan, Equestrian Team at USC Secretary


The exercise have helped tremendously! I feel much more symmetrical and balanced, my sitting trot has gotten easier, and my right half pass and right pirouettes are not such a struggle! Your program is awesome!


Sheri B.

Just wanted to let you know that I love the plan you’ve given me - the workouts are really fun and I look forward to them every time. Cheers!

Can I also just mention that the exercises in the Biorider workouts won't put you at risk of injury while training...unlike some other fitness fads I could name!

Sheri B.

Calleen Kinney

It was really remarkable the difference in my ability to get right back at it as well as even felt better than I ever had in the saddle!  That was my third deployment but the first time with a PT program structured by someone who understood 1) what I needed to do to maintain my current riding level and 2) also understood what sort of weaknesses I was experiencing and how to use physical fitness to fix imbalances in the saddle.  It wasn't just about giving me a program and then "fire and forget" either.  I didn't realize how much I learned about how to identify problems in the saddle on my own by talking through them on a regular basis with the BioRider team.  

Calleen Kinney


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