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Strengthen your muscular foundation for the sport of riding without decreasing your natural seat or feel.  Learn the exercises to gain balance and stability with the core, learn how to do it without limiting yourself.

This video is for riders who want to take the time to develop muscular symmetry for self-carriage on a horse, this dvd is not a follow-along rapid workout. Exercises have been shown to increase one’s muscular sensitivity for riding, methodical training of the rider. Teach the body proper basic mechanics along with developing a more stable position.

Favorite exercises are broken down and demonstrated on the dvd. Gathering the tools from this video will strengthen your position and help advance the core for more intense workouts.

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Learn the exercises to gain balance and stability with the core, how to do it without limiting yourself. These exercises have been shown to increase one’s muscular sensitivity for riding and strengthen the supporting frame of any rider. The following are pieces of equipment used in the dvd.

  • Elastic/ Resistance Bands
  • Stability Ball
  • Free Weights or Dumbbells
  • Body Bar (optional)
  • BOSU Ball (optional)
  • Medicine Ball (optional)
  • Bench or Step
  • Yoga Mat

Go slow with this dvd! Once you’ve learned the exercises and you feel comfortable doing them, you can combine the different routines for a more intense workout.  Pick one or two routines from the dvd and practice the exercises. Some will feel impossible and some will feel easy. Keep practicing the more difficult exercises and over time the body naturally will get stronger and stronger.

As we know from riding horses, repetitive training is the only way to really solidify muscle development for peak performance.


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3 reviews for Home Fitness DVD

  1. Karrie Dash

    Wow, I LOVE IT! I went for the gold membership and am extremely glad I did! The “Position Troubleshooting” is my absolute favorite. I recommended the site & DVD to those in my riding chapter

  2. Kelly Dacre

    Hi! So I’m in lessons for beginning eventing and currently working out 3-4 times a week; mainly core/cardio. I use a lot of the exercises from your DVD; especially the band kettlebell squat. I need some more advance core, especially my back. I’m trying to accomplish holding my galloping position to 10 mins, as well as an independent seat going up and down banks. I’m getting left behind in the saddle just a bit.
    Ps…I adore the ball exercise for my hamstrings!!! I hate the exercise, but have LOVED THE RESULTS! it has made me be more aware of asking for impulsion and also being able maintain the impulsion/rhythm

  3. Rose Synhorst

    I have not received the code, and bought the DVD a while back. It is great, and I also really like the video workout for the gym that just got put up. always nice to have more direction at the gym

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