Meet The Fitness Trainers of BioRider

Bridget Braden

Founder and Developer of BioRider Fitness.  Bridget is an equestrian professional of over 20 years and a NSCA certified personal trainer. She currently operates a Dressage Training business in the San Diego area in addition to training individuals to be the best possible fitness for their current sport. Check out more about Bridget and her Dressage Training Barn and Clinic Schedule.

Jason Obriek

NSCA certified personal trainer with 20 years of experience.  Equestrians have benefited from Jason’s expertise in endurance training and his dedication to the helping riders take of their nutrition and performance as endurance athletes.  Jason has a great success rate for riders rehabbing from hip, shoulder and back injuries as well as helped a number of riders drop hard to lose weight.

Meet The Trainers

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