Equestrians looking for specific workouts individualized to their riding and fitness goals, here’s your program.

Our workout plan delivers athletes exercises directed to individual needs.  You will receive two workouts with 2-3 groups of recommended exercises. The order in which these exercises are put in, the rep ranges suggestions and equipment variations are specific to your goals.

  • Private Website Pages (expires 6 months after registration)
  • Demonstrations Online of Exercises
  • Two Individual Workouts to strengthen weaknesses in a riders core and position.
  • Workout Regimen suggestion for one Month (if a member, we incorporate our other online workouts)
  • Printable PDF’s of Custom Training Plan 
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

You will get an online workout plan with workouts at your finger tips! 

Use your custom workouts for at least 4 week, one or more of endurance will evolve helping you be a better horseback rider.  Stability, balance, strength, stamina and/or mobility will develop through exercises in your workouts. Not all aspects of endurance can be targeted so athletes are asked which area is the highest priority.

After the purchase of a Custom Workout Plan, athletes are asked to fill out an assessment form.  You will have 30 days to do a workout and then give us the results of that workout all on one form. After this is submitted, you will not need to access to this form or workout. We will give you another link to access your custom workout plan. Athletes have 30 days from purchase to send in their forms. 


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