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Track workouts and eat habits to better your equestrian lifestyle!

Four sections with easy-to-flip-to tabs making this booklet one of the best tools for tracking equestrian fitness. There’s nothing like it on the market, there’s now a section to track your riding activity!


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Section 1: Position Muscles

Train the 6 muscles responsible for supporting the frame of a horseback rider.

Section 2: Mini-Assessment

The mini-assessment located in the BioRider Fitness Gold Membership is now available in our training log! Assess your fitness with the actual assessment we use for constructing training plans. Imbalances seem to just pop out when riders are doing this assessment. Now you can do it yourself at home and track your results. Do this every 90 days and you will see the progress from all your hard work! 

Section 3: Training Log 

You have options when training with BioRider and the training log can be used for all of them. Enough room to track 14 exercises plus an area to take notes. 

Section 4: Fuel and Riding Log 

Helpful information on selecting foods for a balanced diet whether your objective is to loose weight or eat for peak performance. Use the multiple pages for logging meals at your convenience. Look for trends like too many carbs at night or not enough protein in the morning. Logging food helps you change eating habits! 

Depending on your goals, tracking your riding activity is huge. There’s a new section to log your riding and it’s a very good tool to see how much you are eating on days you’re riding horses. 

product information

  • Size:5 x 8 
  • +/- 100 pages
  • Spiral Bound 
  • Thick Cover
  • Tabs for Sections
  • used 3-5 times a week: about 90 days worth of tracking  

Gold Members!

Use this log to track your results from the mini-assessment before you submit them online. There’s enough space to track your targeted exercises in the training log.

Use the logged results when submitting the fitness assessments or take a picture and send it in. 

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  1. 5 out of 5

    The workout log is great because I write down every exercise from my work out that I do in it. It’s easy to organize the amount of weight I use and how many reps I do.
    For exercises that I don’t do every single time it keeps a record so when I go back to look at it that has what weight I’ve used and how many reps I’ve done when I go to pick that exercise back up again. It’s also a great size to keep in my workout bag. My trainer knows where it is and just grabs it to help me keep track of everything!

    Thanks BioRider for the great log!

    Michelle Adams

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