Equestrian Athletes 

The BioRider Fitness Sponsorship program is open to all levels and all kinds of horseback riders. Highlighted below, are equestrians who have dedicated time and energy to getting in shape for their sport and their horse.

Would you or someone you know, would like a fitness sponsorship?  

Spots are limited and may only open up a couple times a year. Our sponsorship selection is determined who’s active with BioRider Fitness, in person or online. Becoming a member first helps us get to know who you are and vice versa. Activate any one of our memberships and some one from our team will get in touch with you soon. 

Click here to fill out sponsorship application
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, pdf.

Attention Riders!

Don’t forget to contact me within a week to confirm all assessments were received! If you do not get a training plan within a week, contact a Trainer at MyTrainer@BioRiderFitness.com

Don’t see your name on this page? 

Make sure your subscription is still active and double check to see if your assessments & acceptance form were received by your trainer. If we don’t see dedication to fitness training and communication to the public,  sponsorship will be terminated without notice. If your sponsorship is no longer active and you wish to return as a sponsored rider, please email memberships@bioriderfitness.com. 


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Sponsored Athletes

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