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Equestrian Fitness  –  the Art of Riding Horses


Every rider has been told by a non-rider, that the horse does all the work. The rider just sits there.
We as riders know that this notion is far from the truth.

Equestrian athletes are truly endurance athletes with the ability  to hold their own bodies in a relaxed and supple way.  What makes training for an equestrian different from other athletes, is we need to train our own bodies to endure in order to become soft and flexible  while siting on our horses back and asking them to perform huge movements over a fence, in the dressage ring or speeding around barrels.  In essence, we need to get out of their way when necessary or block, when necessary.

Traditionally other fitness techniques are focused on the tightness of the body in order to create a physical look that is appealing.  Equestrian Sport training focuses on endurance and suppleness of our bodies to support our riding.  This is the art of Equestrian Sport Training.

Yet no two individual riders are exactly like in their strengths and weakness.   For best results, each set of  exercises must be customized for the individual, and focuses on eliminating muscular imbalances caused by conformation or capacity issues. Instead of focusing on tightness while training,  we focus on the movement maintaining correct position, accessing deep supportive muscle groups through unique movement series, yet maintaining a soft transition throughout the entire series.   The entire body is worked with this focus in mind.  Legs, upper back, lower back, arms. But it is more than just adjust-ability. We add endurance in this state of work.  The body is a system, where one area is weak the other areas of the body will compensate.  Thus result is tightness.   Tightness is the enemy of riding.   Though strength we relax the body and match the movements, longevity and resources required  by our horses.

This is Equestrian Sport Training

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