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Every horseback rider has been told at one point by a non-rider,  it’s the horse that does all the work. If only it were that easy. A rider does work their butt off, equestrians are endurance athletes.

This is a fitness program  is for all levels and every discipline of horse back riding. Horseback riding requires the core of a rider to be strong, stable and balanced.

Without core strength a horse will have to compensate for the riders lack of balance and bodily control. Do it right and get in shape for riding with a program designed by an equestrian.


Every horse and rider has a greater chance of reaching their potential when the rider trains off the horse for their own self carriage. Control the small things in the saddle, control you.

A program designed by equestrians, for equestrians. 

We want you to be your own personal trainer and the ladder is extremely flexible to fit each and every equestrian need. Learn how to use this ladder to the fullest for a lifetime of proper core endurance training.

Use equestrian friendly exercise demo videos through BioRider’s free blog, forum, and YouTube Channel.  Remember that equestrians should always cross train, join a program that guides you along the way.

Our program allows this natural flow of fitness training and progressive way of eliminating muscular imbalances that are caused by riding horses. 

What type of equestrian are you?

Trail Rider

A trail rider has to deal with the unpredictable. Even the most dependable horse can have a moment that they can take off, spook or get hot. A rider must be ready for anything!

Train the body for core endurance to help increase balance and stability for long periods of time in the saddle. Train the body to react while controlling their center of gravity.

Gain confidence in the saddle by working out.

Lower Level Dressage

If you are riding lower level dressage, you can achieve getting a better seat quicker when you work out. I’ve seen riders go from training to third level much faster when they implement work outs into their training.

There’s no reason not to develop strength off the horse so that you can get the feel of this crazy sport when your in the saddle. Physical balance and core girdle control can be taught on the ground, in the saddle learn to ride.

Upper Level Dressage

The sitting trot alone for the upper level dressage is very challenging for a riders core. Physical training is a must for peak performance if your riding FEI or upper levels movements.

Symmetry is everything within the rider and in the horse, core endurance and position control is essential for developing symmetry in the horse. All riders are trainers to their horse when on their backs. If your unbalanced, the horse is unbalanced.

Show Jumper

Jumping over fences? This requires the rider to elevate their entire core with a horses stride and rhythm. The dynamic power that an equestrian jumper has to produce in their lower core can be practiced in work outs.

The balance coming in and releasing out of your center with the horse, is much easier when both balance and stability training are practiced off the horse. Giving the shorter stirrups, a jumper rider must make sure their lower body has the elasticity to rise above without falling off balance.

Multi-Discipline Rider

All of our Fitness Memberships allow riders to familiarize themselves with the basic position exercises and biomechanics workouts. Develop skills and you can prep your position to stabilize. This program is to help all riders achieve their personal best.

Not showing or training for competition, even better. You get to have a more relaxed lifestyle with a horse and if that’s you preference, don’t discount getting in shape for your horse.

More than likely a bond has occurred with you and your horse. You want the best for his health and fitness. Working out regularly will help you self support on your horses back, giving him time to develop himself without having to compensate for your loss of balance here or there. It only takes one bad step and a horse can go lame. Don’t take any chances, get fit to ride.

Eat Like an Athlete

Cross Training for the Art of Riding Horses

You decide the path in our program!


Doing all three is the best way to see the fastest progress but since we are limited demographically as BioRider Fitness is based in San Diego, CA. We strive to be as personal as we can through our online memberships. Questions regarding which path you should take, read the box below or contact us at 

Train in the comfort of your own home with the BioRider at Home Fitness DVD.

Equipment easy to store and use at home or at the barn. Pick one or two routines from the dvd and practice the exercises. Some will feel impossible and some will feel easy. Keep practicing the more difficult exercises and over time the body naturally will get stronger and stronger.

frontcoverdvd7-1As we know from riding horses, repetitive training is the only way to really solidify muscle development for peak performance.

This is a great option for riders who want to take their time to let their body learn the exercises. The exercises demonstrated in this dvd aligns the body in a more stable position that helps naturally put the seat into a better position. Core engagement becomes easy once the exercises on the dvd become easy.

The dvd will give you a great foundation of strength training and knowledge until you feel comfortable enough to go to the gym or workout with a personal trainer. Peak performance is different for every rider. Some horseback riders will only need to workout with the exercises on the dvd, others will have to get to a gym and workout with their equipment. It all depends on the athlete and their individual riding needs.

The following items are pieces of equipment used in the dvd.

  • Elastic/ Resistance Bands

  • Stability Ball

  • Free Weights or Dumbbells

  • Body Bar (optional)

  • BOSU Ball (optional)

  • Medicine Ball (optional)

  • Bench or Step

  • Yoga Mat


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