Saddle & Seat Security

Most riders lack the needed muscular density to help relieve pressure from localizing near the sciatic area.  When muscles are balanced and developed correctly, tightness is released in the lower core and more natural security is available in the saddle. 

Core Stamina

Riding a horse takes a lot out of your core and this workout increases muscle stamina.  See how much longer you can sit the trot or how much longer core muscles are supporting your position.  

Balanced Core

Exercises challenge muscle stamina with the balancing muscles for the equestrian athlete.  Stimulate core muscles to start working for helping you be balanced on a horse.  

TRX Core Blaster

Similar to being on a horse, our entire body must be supported by our muscle structure. Working on the TRX or other pieces of suspension equipment can help develop the needed self support in the saddle.

Basic Balance

A great combination of exercise that help riders develop better basic balance for riding their horse.  Triggering the same core muscles that are needed to in the saddle to secure the rider. 

Core Straightness

Most upper level riders get twisted up in their core.  This workout is to realign the core from right to left and top to bottom. It’s amazing beneficial to use this exercise line up as long as you’re in the saddle. 

Core Stability

Functional fitness can start at home and with our core stability workout! Teach the body to move properly with the right exercises to teach the core to be independent.

Do for at least one month!