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Why Us?  

Our primary objective in creating training plans for you is to make sure workouts hit all components of endurance that are most beneficial to horseback riders. 

The foundation of the BioRider Fitness program establishes strength specifically in a rider’s position muscles. It’s overwhelming to think about all of our structural compensations that are created over time. To be better riders, the body needs to be strengthen as symmetrical as possible. 

The BRF program prioritizes six position muscles in the workouts (more information in memberships).  When you focus on developing symmetry in these 6 muscles, you will develop the riding position more even. Structural foundation for sitting on a horse and not interfering with their movement is to be even and balanced in your core.


Why Train?

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Analyze Your Goal

All training plans have the every other day workouts outlined to follow but feel free to make each week your own!  Those that ride horses daily or 5-6 days a week have to be careful not to over work the body.  This is when you lose muscle mass and have a higher potential to have tendon strain/tears. 

Workouts can be place on the every other day schedule but more mobility exercises are recommended to keep muscles from becoming too short.  It might take you longer than a week to get through your workouts but it’s better to go slow, steady and consistent.

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Show Your Work

Plan for doing stuff you will won’t be good at or you won’t like.  That’s fitness and training for athletic performance verses just losing weight.  

The different plans online on your membership allows you to follow our recommendations but you can add in a day of another activity such as swimming or Pilates.  Write your training schedule depending on your lifestyle! 

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Plan Ahead

Prioritize fitness by making a set # days to train out of the saddle. Our program starts with full workouts Monday. This way if all else fails, at least you got that first workout done.

If you can’t do Monday, push that workout to Tuesday. If you can’t do Tuesday just push the workout until Wednesday and so on. Now our program allows you to keep track of your progress through the workouts.

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Achieve Your Destiny

BioRider Fitness keeps the individual rider’s strengths while increasing the functionality of the weaker muscle groups. Other online fitness programs are not accounting for natural strengths that develop from riding horses.

Sometimes a rider can break down from doing a program that is increasing an equestrian’s already ‘dominate muscles groups’. Horseback riders need strength training just as much as flexibility, stability and aerobic.  What tends to happen is that a person will stick to doing what they “like” doing but it might not be what the athlete needs to do for the sport of riding horses.  The trick is to find the hole in the the athletes training; just like training horses!