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MEmber notes-12-2-2020



Training with BioRider gives you an advantage over your competitor. 

  • A fully customized training plan and workouts to follow for a month. 

Start by doing our assessment and you will need to submit a video of you working out and riding. 

With the help and guidance of your BioRider Personal Trainer, you will discover new ways to operate on the horse. 

Looking for that perfect workout designed just for you? Look no further and sign up today.  


Let’s get to know you better!  This information will be stored on your profile and will be used in your assessment process. You can change the information at anytime.

Once you are all registered, start the workout right away and send us those results. A custom workout take up to 10 days depending on how fast we can work together. So get ready and join our platinum membership by filling the form below.