BioRider Fitness is a 100% Online Equestrian Fitness program that you can do at home, at the gym or whenever and where ever you feel like training for riding performance.

To use BioRider Fitness you will needs ONE of the following pieces of technology:

  1. A Home Computer

  2. A Lap top Computer

  3. A Tablet with WIFI or Cell Service

  4. A Mobile Phone

The BioRider Fitness Service is designed to deliver streaming video instruction showing you what type of exercises, why the exercises work and the correct execution form.   For best playing performance, you will need at least the following type of internet data connection:

  • At least 150Mbps download speed

  • 200 Mbps is best

The site will still deliver the same videos and images at lower speeds, however based on the amount of memory in your device, video may stall as it loads up the next segment.   Videos are not permanently stored on your computer or mobile device, they only reside in your devices browser cache.

We recommend the following browsers:

  • Safari  version 5.1.7 or later
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or later
  • FireFox version 57 or later
  • Chrome version 62 or later
  • Opera version 49 or later

While other browsers will display the Biorider Fitness content, some may not have the speed, performance and security to best display the video content.

Exercise Equipment
Biorider Fitness is designed to use little or no extra equipment, however it is recommended  that you have the following exercise tools:



A Stability (Swiss ball), BOSU Ball, Free weights and a resistance band.   Having these tools makes the program more effective to reach your goals.

That is it!  Check out the Membership Preview to see actual sample footage of what is included in memberships.  Or go straight to our membership types.