Ex Demos (week 2- day 3)

Some exercises demonstrations may or may not include items listed exactly how descriptions and rep ranges are written for each workout. Please follow the printable sheet for exact details for each workout. To print workouts, drag or hold click to workout to copy and paste to phone or computer. 


Group One

1: All Fours on Ball ( BOSU ball) Hold for 1-2 minutes



2: Shoulder Rotations (stability ball, 2-5 lbs free weights or nothing) 10 total each arm



3: Chest Press (stability ball, 10-15 lbs free weights or nothing) 12-15 reps



4: I’s Y’s T’s (stability ball, incline bench or bosu, 0-5 lbs free weights) 5 full sequences



5: Cross Over Lunges (free weights opt) 12-15 reps each leg



 6: High Knees (plate or 2 free weights) 10 steps with 10 presses



7: Canoe Row or Low row  (stability ball) hold for 30 seconds 



8: Tricep Kickbacks (free weights in both hands) 10-12 reps